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PRM Service is also responsible for installing photovoltaic systems.

Thank to the incentive state "Contoenergia", you can make money by the electricity produced and sold from your PV system.
Conto Energia is an initiative aimed at those who wish to gain money from their PV system through the production of electricity.
The request can 'be submitted by individuals, companies or Institutions who wish to join even if the facility is not yet existing. Ask a free estimate to


The PRM Service with its experience in different but complementary areas ensures maximum rationalization of all its procedures, from the initial study till the commissioning and throughout the productive life of the system that we designed.

Some examples of plants that we make:
- MV / LV
- Thermal power stations
- Commercial buildings
- Car Wiring board

Prm Service design and manufactures equipment for civilian use for each different customer needs.

In particular, we realize:
- Photovoltaic
- safety equipment
- automation systems
- air conditioning

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